Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bonita Colors Haul/Review!

Hi Dolls,

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I went to my local Rite Aid this weekend and discovered this new cosmetic line called Bonita Cosmetics . This is a really cute line and the prices are amazing!
The products that I picked up are the Velvet Lip Creams and the Nail Polishes. See Details Below:

The display for the Velvet Lip Creams 

I picked up the Lip Creams in Hot Damn! and Barbies Muse.
The formula for these lip creams are creamy and the color is very pigmented. 
These dry down to a matte finish. Unfortunately these did not work for me because I have very sensitive skin. These left my lips itching minuets after I applied these to my lips. The prices for these is $2.99.

Hot Damn! is a bright pink red color.

                                               The black and gold packaging feels expensive.

Barbie's Muse is a True Florescent Hot Pink this color very bright and vibrant.

Swatches of the Lip Creams ( Left to Right)  Hot Damn! and Barbie's Muse 

The Displays for the Nail Polishes are really cute.
The display for the nail polishes collection " Sweet Ever After" these are pastel colors.

The display for the nail polish collection " Wanna Get Away?" these are summer brights
 The Nail Polishes I picked up. 
(Left to Right)Sweet Cheeks, Once Upon a Time, Shark Bait, Sexy Me.
I fell in love the the formula of these polishes. You will need about three coats to bring out the true color. The quality on these is amazing for the price. Prices range from $1.29- $2.49.

These are available at Local Drug Stores and www.



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