Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bath and Body Works Tutti Dolci Collection 2017 Review!

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 It's been a while since I have updated, this is my first post this year. I have been super busy with work so naturally I had to treat myself to some goodies!!! I'm super excited about one of  Bath and Body Works latest releases The Tutti Dolci Collection.  This collections is centered around all things sweet and delicious! This has to be one of the most exciting releases from them in a long time.  this collection was actually released around 10 years ago with different scents. The scents are amazing and the packaging is so cute. It makes you just want to buy it all. See below the scent descriptions and the store display that reminds me of a candy shop!

(In Store Display)  The four scents in are Pink Peony Creme, Mocha Kiss, Sweet Lemon Butter Cream and Golden Honey Praline 

(In Store Display) This collection includes the New Creamy Body Washes, Shower Gel, And Body Cream and Fine Fragrance Mist. There was no body lotion released in this collection. 

These Macaron sponges were too adorable to pass up.

See the Scent Descriptions Below:

Smells Delicious and is my Favorite from the entire collection!
It smells like a sweet cotton candy and strawberries with a hint of soft floral. 

This one is my second favorite from the collection!
It literally smells like lemon meringue or a lemon pound cake with frosting.

This one was a good on this is comparable to the Summer Marshmallow scent that released last summer. This scent just has more of a Mocha note. 

This scent was he lightest in the whole collection. It is more of a basic honey or musk scent. 

See what I picked up below and my final thoughts.

I picked up 2 set of the body cream and Fine Fragrance Mist in Pink Peony Creme Scent. 

I also picked up the body cream and Fine Fragrance Mist in Sweet Lemon Butter Cream.

I also picked up the Creamy Body Washes.

         This collection is one of the best that Bath and Body works has released in a long time.
The scents last a long time and smell really good. The body creams are moisturizing and so are the creamy body washes. The packaging is amazingly done. Bath and Body did  a great job with this collection. The  average price for each piece is around $14.  Available at Bath and Body Works Stores and their website.

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  1. I'm so obsessed with collection also!!! It's perfection I really enjoyed reading your blog Pink Peony Creme is my favorite too!!💕🍭