Monday, July 6, 2015

Bath and Body works Semi Annual Haul!

Hi Everyone!

I love Bath and Body works, so when they have a sale I love them even more. In June they had a Semi Annual sale that lasted until the beginning of July. Item at the Semi annual sales are usually 75% off of the original price.  Below are some of my favorite items that I picked up.

1. Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss Eau De Parfum
2. Hawaii Passion Fruit Kiss Travel Size Lotion
3. Hawaii Passion Fruit Kiss Aloe Gel Lotion

The Hawaii Passion fruit scent is a very nice fragrance for summer. It has a very refreshing smell to
it with a hint of sweet passion fruit. 

 4. Sweet Magnolia Clementine Ultra Shea Body Cream 
5.Sweet Magnolia Clementine Fragrance Mist 
6. Sweet Magnolia Clementine Body Lotion

7.Sweet Magnolia Clementine Shea & Fruit Body Scrub 

I fell in love with this scent as soon as I smelled it. Sweet Magnolia Clementine is such a soft feminine and beautiful scent. It has to be one of the best scents Bath and Body works has made, its perfect for all year round.



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